Seth Adams' family, friends question state involvement in shooting death

LOXAHATCHEE GROVES, Fla. -- The state is getting involved in the investigation of a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy-involved shooting that left an unarmed Loxahatchee Groves man dead.

PBSO Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said he asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to step in to review the investigation to help calm any concerns involving the shooting death of Seth Adams.

"We try and listen to the concerns of the community in everything we do. And obviously that community and that family, had some concern," said Sheriff Bradshaw.

Sheriff Bradshaw said he asked the FDLE to take a look at the investigation to offer an independent review of the shooting.

On May 17, Adams allegedly got into a physical confrontation with PBSO deputy Michael Custer where investigators said Adams threatened the life of Custer.

In the weeks following the shooting, family and friends of Adams have continued to counter the sheriff's claims, saying Adams would never harm a law enforcement officer.

"If it comforts them a little bit, if the community you know, if it will elay their concerns, there's nothing to hide here. Our investigation is open and that's why I called FDLE," said Sheriff Bradshaw.

Sheriff Bradshaw said this is the first time since he took over in January of 2005 that the FDLE has investigated a case at the sheriff's office.

"I just have a concern that this doesn't feel right. What I've seen done here with this," said Sam Bullers, a family friend speaking for the Adams family.

Bullers point to the fact that Sheriff Bradshaw is a vice chair for one of FDLE's councils. Bullers said if Sheriff Bradshaw really wants a fair investigation, he would like to see a different agency review the shooting.

"I hope that is his true heart, but like I said, I'm just a little concerned because he changed a little bit in his attitude there, he might change again," said Bullers.

Sheriff Bradshaw feels no matter who reviews the shooting investigation, a review will not change anything.

"No I don't, I still think the deputy acted exactly the way he should have acted based on what he was confronted with," said Sheriff Bradshaw

When reached for a comment, FDLE did not want to appear on camera. Spokesperson Keith Kameg sent WPTV NewsChannel 5 this statement:

""On Friday we were asked by the Sheriff to do a review of their investigation. We will be commencing this review shortly. When we are finished we will turn our report over to the investigating agency."

Family attorney Robert Saylor said the FDLE involvement is a step in the right direction Saylor still needs more time to digest the decision.

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