Seniors looking for work to pay their bills

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Dorothy Harley wants a job as a certified nursing assistant or full time caregiver with a family. She's has been out of work since June.

Dorothy said, "I am sole support of my daughter, my grandson who happen to live in England which makes it more expensive than anything else so I am trying to get them back here."

Dorothy, who is in her 70s, recently signed up with the Vickers House  Resource Center's senior match-up program.

Lela Jordan started the program.

"We make them up a resume that they can use to go to job fairs that they can use to go to different companies and then I send out the information through my email to thousands and thousands of people that have over the years, businesses, construction agencies, hotels," said Lela.

Dorothy is among thousands of senior citizens across the country who wants to supplement their Social Security checks.

According to the AARP Foundation, the unemployment rate was 6.2% as of July for people over the age of 55. It then dipped to 5.9% in August.

When the recession started, 3.2 percent were unemployed. Lela said it's unfortunate seniors cannot find employment. "It's just a shame that people who are in their 70s or 80s have to go back to work and that's where we are at right now and to me that's very sad that they have to do this."

Dorothy is hopeful for a job. "I have been watching the economy the last six years and saying is it ever going to get better and I have so many people, friends that I know that are suffering with this."

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