Palm Beach County judge will not punish tweeting juror

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A tweeting Palm Beach County juror says he doesn't think he did anything wrong, but his tweets could result in a new trial.

Sebastian Gurrido was in court Thursday answering questions from the judge.

Gurrido served on a civil trial.

According to court testimony, he tweeted "I half assed all my answers" and "Everyone is so money hungry that they'll do anything for it" and "I wish I wasn't a US citizen right now, I could give two expletives about jury duty."

The judge did not fine or criminally charge him and has yet to decide whether a new trial will be granted.

But she told the juror "this is not a game" and that "this is a serious and important issue in this case."

After the hearing, Gurrido spoke to the media.

"Do I regret tweeting? I mean, why would I regret tweeting? I regret doing this whole situation, so yeah I do regret it," Gurrido said.

Attorneys for the victim in the case Gurrido was serving as a juror want a new trial.

"He was in the pool room tweeting and he said the other jurors knew he was tweeting. This juror contaminated this juror pool and that is why we are entitled to a new trial," attorney Spencer Kuvin said.

The judge could decide next week whether or not there will be a new trial in the personal injury case.

She says her instructions not to use social media were clear to jurors.

But the juror insists he didn't understand the "government words."