Search continues for Teaspoon, Roseate Spoonbill, missing from Palm Beach zoo

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A familiar face at the Palm Beach Zoo is missing.

"It was the bird," said Thresa Vargas.

And now nearby residents, like Thresa Vargas, are on high alert.

"i saw it with my own eyes, It was pink," said Thresa Vargas.

Teaspoon is a Roseate Spoonbill. She and her brother "Spork" highlighted the "Wings Over Water" show at the Zoo. But with Teaspoon's disappearance last Thursday, Spork's been doing the show solo.

"Its sad for me to see him alone not having his sister to interact with," said Melissa Dolinsky.

Teaspoon's head trainer Melissa Dolinsky says the bird was going through training when she flew away. The following day Dolinsky spotted teaspoon in a neighbors yard near Dreher park.

"I was in a panic to try and get to her," said Dolinsky.

She hopped the fence trying to catch her but the bird ended up being spooked and flew away.

"It's easier to get attached when you raise them from when they first come out of the eggs," said Alyssa Supranowicz.

Teaspoon's disappearance is grabbing the attention of animal lovers, including Alyssa Supranowicz, a former Palm Beach Zoo. She's joined in the search.

Officials are hopeful the bird will fly back. And when she does, they have her food, and cage ready---just the way everything was left for her.

"She plays a major part in our show, and a major part of our zoo collection so we're ready to go and get her back home safely," said Dolinsky.

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