School bus 'brawl' incident investigated in Palm Beach County

School district is investigating Monday incident

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Palm Beach County school bus driver says he was attacked by three parents as he tried to protect a bus-load of students from walking right into harms way.

The school bus stop on Executive Center Place in West Palm Beach was anything but quiet on Monday afternoon, according to witnesses.

"One lady got on the bus and jumped on me," said the school bus driver, Joseph Beauzile. He said he was attacked by a woman and two men as he dropped more than a dozen Westward Elementary School students off from school.

Beauzile said the kids were being unruly and were not filing out of the bus in single file. He told them to sit back down and believes that delay may have angered the waiting parents and prompted them to lash out at him. Beauzile said he was afraid for his life.

Also scared were some of the kids on board, including 11-year old Samantha Saint Jean. "We were all crying because we were scared and somebody jumped out the (emergency) window," she said.

West Palm Beach and school district police arrived on scene and the district is now investigating.

Beauzile, who said he was punched in the ribs, shoulder, stomach and head, said he was just doing his job. "I have to protect the kids, protect the property of the school district and protect myself so I had to fight," he said.

The school district says there is surveillance video of the incident but it is not being released because it is a part of the investigation.

At this point, no one is facing charges.