'Save the Florida Panther Day' held at the Palm Beach Zoo highlights 'Micco' & 'Mirasol'

It was all about the panthers at the Palm Beach Zoo Saturday to observe "Save the Florida Panther Day". 
The statewide event focused on the importance of saving the critically endangered Florida Panther.
The Palm Beach Zoo currently houses a cougar and Florida Panther named "Micco" and "Mirasol". 
"The Florida Panther is an important part of our wildlife heritage here in Florida, and there's things all of us can do in our daily lives to conserve them and keep them around for generations to come," said zookeeper Sarah Colman.
"I learned about the specifics about the speed and the height and the way they are in nature, and not to touch them," said zoo visitor Kathleen Riso.
Zookeepers say there are less than 200 adult panthers roaming in Florida.
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