Sandy update: Some air travelers can't get from Palm Beach International Airport to the northeast

Air travel is beginning to open back up in and around New York.

John F. Kennedy Airport and Newark Liberty airport are allowing limited air travel.

But that doesn't mean travelers at Palm Beach International Airport are guaranteed a spot on a plane.

"We tried to get back home on Tuesday, they canceled our flight, they made it for today, we just found out we canceled our flight when we got here," said Dina Forlano.

Forlano is from New Jersey.  She's now hoping her new flight, scheduled for Thursday will take off.

"They have not re-booked us and they cannot put us anywhere and I've given them options of seven airports near New York," explained Saroj Mehta.

Her family is trying to get back to India, via New York City.

Another traveler is trying to get home to her sick daughter on Long Island.

"So I'm trying to get into Kennedy and they can seem to find any seats, they're not sure yet what's even going to go," the mother said.

LaGuardia Airport says will open at 7 a.m. Thursday with a limited flight schedule. 

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