Risks of the game: concussion concerns after PBC incident

Freshman football player was injured Wednesday

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - There is new concern about dangers on the youth sports field. This, after at Palm Beach County teenager was hospitalized with serious concussion Wednesday evening.

The American Heritage School freshman player, 14, was said to have been in a 'hard hit' at a  game versus Palm Beach Central High School. The teen is expected to recover.

Two weeks ago, it happened to Julian Penagos, 18, a senior at Boca Raton Community High School.

"I really got dizzy and everything and I couldn't remember anything from that day," said Penagos. He sustained a concussion while on the practice field. These types of head injuries are not exclusive to football. Peganos was hurt during a collision with another player on the soccer field. "I just want to keep playing as hard as I can," he said.

"In soccer, you'd be surprised how many times you do get knocked," said Marcello Castillo, who is the Boca Raton Community High School Soccer Coach.

In many sports, he said, those knocks are unavoidable. "There's always going to be that freak accident and I think that's what has a lot of parents worried," he said.

For male athletes, football is the most common sport with the highest concussion risk. There is an approximately 75 percent chance it will happen, according to the Sports Concussion Institute.

For females, the sport with the highest concussion risk is soccer. The institute found that there is a 50 percent chance of concussion on the field.

Proud 'soccer mom' Caroline Adejunmobi says that there is risk with anything in life. "I just pray and hope that he's okay and that the other kids are okay," she said as she picked up her son, Joshua, from practice.

The CDC estimates upwards of three million concussions occur each year.

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