Rick Christie uses journalistic skills at the Palm Beach Post to make a difference in news

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Rick Christie always walks into the Palm Beach Post with a smile. "My favorite part is researching, reporting, and taking a stand on a particular issue."

He oversees the editorial page at the paper. "I think that it takes a lot of work every day. Everything, the job and also being active in the community."

Christie has worked in newsrooms all across the country from Fort Myers to D.C. to Atlanta. And while that often meant moving every two years, he always brought his family along for the adventure. He is married and has three daughters. Rachel, Taylor, Elisabeth and they're all four years apart. "You think about why you are doing this why you work so hard. I mean my girls are an inspiration to me."

One has a full time job, one is in college at the University of Florida and the other is at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. His daughter Elisabeth said, "He's always been around for us and we've always been a main symbol in his life, he's always wanted to be here for everything. Whether he had to work hard to make sure we had things, and I'm really grateful for that."

To Christie, being a voice for the paper is an honor. But it's what he sacrificed along the way, that really keeps the smile on his face.


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