Residents of nine neighborhoods in West Palm Beach walk to improve community

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Some residents in the north end of West Palm Beach want more to be done to improve their neighborhoods.

Sunday, nearly 70 residents walked about 15 blocks on Broadway Ave. to show that they're unified and want to rest of the community to come together too.

Residents of nine different neighborhoods carried signs and banners promoting anti-violence.

Some walked with concern over the recent shooting in the area of Taylor Caldwell. Authorities say he was shot by a stranger when getting off the Palm Tran bus.

Others want ore to be done to promote success for minorities in their neighborhoods, or see more new businesses come to the area to boost the local economy.

But, the common goal for all walkers was just to spark conversations that could lead to finding new ways of improving the community.

"We want to feel safe and we want to  let other people know that there is so much more to this community than it being  a bad side of town because it's not. It's incredible," said walker Jeanette Hickman.

The mayor, several commissioners and the police chief also joined the walk.