Two men sentenced to life for rape get resentencing after Supreme Court ruling

UPDATE: Paul re-sentenced to 27 years in prison



Two of the four teenagers who were involved in the kidnapping and rape of a 17-year-old girl are being resentenced for their crimes.
When the attack, rape and carjacking occurred in 1994, the victim was a student visiting West Palm Beach from Switzerland. Tuesday morning, a resentencing hearing began for Emmanuel Paul and David Slocum, who were both 16 at the time of the crime.
The victim was grabbed at gunpoint and raped on North Flagler Drive. Paul and Slocum were sentenced to life in prison -- but that could change soon.
A Florida Supreme Court ruling in 2010 made it illegal to sentence juveniles to life without parole for crimes other than murder.

The victim, Jenny Clark, said she was comfortable showing her face and her name on television because she believes her purpose is to bring hope and strength to other women. She said the idea of her attackers walking free makes her "nauseous."

Clark described for the court how her life has been affected since the crime. She said she believes she would have been a bigger success in life had she not been attacked.

Two detectives spoke in open court Tuesday, both suggested the maximum sentence to Judge Garrison, who was the sentencing judge in the original case.  Garrison told the court that during the court case in 1995, "At that point, I don't think I'd ever heard a more horrific story, until I heard the case of Mr. Slocum."

The defendants will have their sides of the case heard in mid-December. It is unclear when the new sentences will be passed down.

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