Report outlines teen's final moments in detention center

Leaked report outlines Eric Perez's death

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - An incident report leaked to our news partners, The Palm Beach Post, details the final moment of a local teenager's life in a juvenile lockup.

18-year-old Eric Perez died July 10th in the Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

His cause of death hasn't been released.

To Perez's family attorney Richard Schuler, the details of Perez's death worsen by the day.

"It's moving pretty quickly and that tells me that something really wrong had to have taken place there," said Schuler.

According to the report The Palm Beach Post obtained, Perez's was dazed and frantic about six-and-a-half hours before dying.

Inside his cell he was allegedly screaming over and over, "get him off me."

A guard moved Perez outside his cell according to the report, where he fell asleep but then starting vomiting.

That's when the report states the on call nurse was called twice, but didn't answer.

"She failed to respond and return the calls which I think is atrocious," said Schuler.

Schuler says he's confirmed most of the facts in the report obtained by The Palm Beach Post through a detention center guard's termination letter.

Two guards were fired and four other employees, including the center's superintendent, are suspended.

The incident report says after vomiting Perez was moved to a medical confinement area, where he again fell asleep.

At 7:55 a-m, the report says a guard checked Perez's pulse and he barely felt one.

That's when a 911 call was reportedly made.

The West Palm Beach Fire Department confirms with NewsChannel 5 that a crew was dispatched to the detention center, but a time was not given.

The state Department of Juvenile Justice said Perez died at 8:09 a.m.

Schuler calls it a complete failure of the system.

"It's a series of bad decisions that are made. It's usually not just one decision, it's a series of bad decisions that lead to a catastrophic event and unfortunately a death like this of Eric Perez," said Schuler.

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