Record Florida tourism numbers creating thousands of jobs, boosting local economies

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Record tourism numbers in the Sunshine State are creating thousands of new jobs according to a new report.

Research group Florida TaxWatch released new numbers indicating 2.8 million more tourists flooded into Florida than in 2012.

Florida TaxWatch said as a result of the record number of visitors, it created about 76,000 more jobs statewide.

"People that I worked here with were all like, 'Just be careful. Save up a little bit. You don't know what the off-season will entail,'" said Jonathan Bock, a server at il Bellagio in Downtown West Palm Beach. "So far we're almost at the end of the off season and it hasn't affected me much at all."

The report shows the investment in advertising the state through the campaign Visit Florida might be a contributing factor as to why more tourists are choosing Florida.