Rash of break-ins plagues Suburban WPB, three arrested

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - College students have a reputation for hating to clean.

Tenisha Smith has an unexpected mess on her hands.

She  went outside one morning to find her window smashed and a cell phone stolen.

"I was freaked out," she said.

Over the last five days across Suburban West Palm Beach in communities off Belvedere Road, West of the Turnpike, there have been 33 break-ins reported.

Seven cars in an industrial park, three near a batch of single family homes, and twenty three in different apartment complexes.

Deputies released a map of where the break-ins occurred.

But deputies may have gotten a break.

One Good Samaritan told me he heard the break-ins and was able to detain three suspects until deputies got here.

Now they're investigating to see how many the adult and two juveniles are responsible for.

"It's sad because of their ages, but I'm relieved because my mom's car isn't getting broken into. We work real hard for our stuff," said neighbor Ursula Co-Wart.

Fixing a broken window costs at least $200.

Who doesn't have better things to do with that kind of money?

"It puts a damper on your day. You come out, you're going to work, you have kids. And your car is broken into while you're asleep at night? Where's the safety?" said Berisia Daniel.

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