Protesters greet President Obama in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Crowds in Palm Beach County weren't only friendly to President Obama to his visit on Thursday.

Dozens of supporters of Mitt Romney staged a protest near Century Village before the president's motorcade entered.

"We need jobs," said Linda Stoch of Palm Beach Gardens.

They continued a line of attack that Mitt Romney hopes can erode President Obama's support in must-win Florida.

"My own view is that if you attack success. you'll continue to see what we've seen over these last three years," said Romney during a campaign stop in Boston today.

Their target: undecided voters worried about the economy.

A recent poll by the Tampa Bay Times showed the president with a tiny lead statewide, 46 percent to 45 percent, but with 7 percent who haven't made up their mind, yet.

"I think we can pull it out, because the people I have been talking to, they're still on the fence right now. That's why I am out here," said Andrew Carananti of Boynton Beach.

The head of the Palm Beach County GOP, Sid Dinerstein, says Romney's effort is further restrained by campaign finance laws.

Romney is prohibited from spending money raised for the general election until he is officially the nominee.

The president's TV ads, Sid Dinerstein says, have gone largely unanswered, but won't for long.

"The plan of the president was to knock Romney out before Romney was allowed to spend money. Well that's not happening," said Dinerstein.

Protesters hoped that honking horns were a sign their message was being heard.

"It's going to be a landslide," said Romney supporter Thomas Torregrosa.

Romney was recently in Orlando, but the last time he held a public campaign event in Palm Beach County was before our January primary.

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