Protect your pets on July Fourth

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate our country's independence, but it can often be terrifying to our pets.

Loud fireworks can present the same fear and anxiety as a thunderstorm to animals.

Here are some tips to protect your pet:
* Leave them home in a covered crate
* Turn on music or television
* Keep pets away from windows
More than any other day, animal shelters usually see an increase in lost dogs after the Fourth of July.  Pets often run for cover during the commotion and get lost.

"Some dogs will grab at (the fireworks) while they're going off, so they just see action and motion and don't always know what it is.  You have to be careful," said veterinarian Mary Ellen Scully. 

 Vets say some people give their dogs Benadryl to calm them. Not only is this unhealthy, but it doesn't work for dogs like it does for humans. Instead, Petco can offer some homeopathic remedies to calm animals.

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