Professionals with tattoos

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - According to the latest Harris poll about tattoos, one in every five American adults has one, and women now  actually out-ink the men. 

"I think tattoos are sexy," said Hope Good.

Hope works at a prestigious law firm in Stuart, and has three tattoos. She didn't think twice about showing her latest artwork off to the boss. 

"I proudly showed everybody right after I got it, " said Hope.

Her tattoo artist, Chip Harris, says he puts white collar professionals,  like Hope,  in his chair all the time now. 

"Everybody from a federal judge to a privatized military contractor, to paralegals, lawyers, doctors, restaurant owners, everything. There's no slice of the pie that's bigger than the other one anymore. It's definitely moved up out of the gutter," said Chip.

Chip's a member of the National Tattoo Association, the holy grail of tattooing. He's been an artist for 15 years and his shop in West Palm Beach has won more than 100 awards. 

"Nowadays, every walk of life is getting a tattoo and that's a great thing," he said. I don't think it's as taboo as it used to be and it's viewed as an actual art form now, which is priceless to the artist who works."

Chip says the white collar crowd tells him it's about self expression and about doing something solely for themselves. He does admit, though, these customers tend to hide their tattoos a bit more than the rest.

Hope's tattoo wasn't visible to us in her professional garb, until she showed us her lower back. 

"Almost all of my friends have tattoos and I have friends in every realm of business from lawyers and doctors to people who are still in the restaurant business where i got my start," she said.

Did you know southerners are the  east likely to have tattoos today? Also according to that Harris poll, those living on the west coast have the most ink.

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