President Obama's 2nd term inauguration sparks expectations for next four years

Jobs, debt, compromise among voter focus

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The festivities for President Barack Obama's second inauguration in Washington D.C. might be more than 900 miles away from West Palm Beach, but the South Florida State Fair brought the experience home to locals.

From a replica Oval Office and Whitehouse, to the cabin section of Air Force One, fairgoers got a chance to tour model areas of places few get to see.

Each section of the "presidential tour" forced many in the crowd to think about the future of the country.

"Especially this weekend since its the inauguration of President Obama," said Kathleen Farrell, a Wellington Resident

President Obama was officially sworn in on Sunday and there is a ceremony scheduled for Monday. Folks though were already thinking about the focus of President Obama in his next four years.

"The economy. We need a better economy and I hope we work together to do that," said Rebeca Riviera, a West Palm Beach resident.

Others walking around the exhibits want to see President Obama focus on fiscal issues.

"Solve our problems like the debt ceiling and balance the budget," said Kathleen Farrell, a Wellington resident.

Some fairgoers though want an emphasis on getting people back to work.

"Jobs and everything else will be a lot better. Hopefully he'll accomplish that the second round," said Gary Lauscher, a West Palm Beach resident.

While some said it could always be better, many were happy overall with President Obama's first four years.

Others though have more critical expectations of what they want to see in the second term of President Obama's administration.

"The actual change he keeps talking about. And hopefully it will change for the better," said Jonathan Hudoff, a West Palm Beach resident.

Some residents said watching the inauguration ceremony this time was not as important. They said they felt President Obama's first time was more historic.

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