Possible questions for John Goodman juror Dennis DeMartin submitted to the court

DeMartin to court after misconduct allegations

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- John Goodman's defense team has submitted potential questions to the court for juror Dennis DeMartin's Friday 'supplemental interview' ordered Monday by Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

DeMartin, who wrote and self-published a book about Goodman's trial, has been called back into court to answer questions about allegations of jury misconduct.

The interview will take place Friday at 1:59 p.m., just before Goodman's sentencing.

Goodman's defense team proposed 14 questions to ask DeMartin during Friday's supplemental interview.

They first ask, "Did you write a book named 'Believing in The Truth'?" They add, "Is what you wrote in the book a true and accurate account of what happened during the trial?"

In DeMartin's book, he details an experiment he did to better understand how much Goodman might have had to drink the night he crashed his car into Scott Wilson.
DeMartin wrote that he drank three vodka and tonics between 9:00-10:00 p.m. the night before the verdict, and became disoriented walking around his apartment complex as a result.

In their next proposed question, Goodman's defense asks, "Is it true, as you suggest in the book, that your reason for consuming those vodka drinks was to determine how Mr. Goodman would have felt on the night of the accident?"

They also ask, "Is it true what you wrote in Chapter 9 of your book?"

In chapter 9 of DeMartin's book, he writes, "When the alarm went off the next morning, I got up and felt relieved. The question in my mind the night before was answered to me. Even if a person is not drunk, 3 or 4 drinks would make it impossible to operate a vehicle. I got dressed and was in a fine frame of mind to go deliberate the evidence we had."

DeMartin conducted his experiment despite being told by Judge Colbath jurors were supposed to make a decision solely based on evidence provided in the courtroom.

"I wanted to test it myself and see how I acted after three drinks. I mean I had to make a decision on this man's life here the next day you know," DeMartin said in a recent interview.

Goodman's defense attorney, Roy Black, last week called DeMartin's actions a clear case of juror misconduct and said Colbath should throw out Goodman's conviction immediately.

As part of the proposed questions, Goodman's defense team asks about interviews DeMartin did with WPTV and the Palm Beach Post, pointing toward specific statements he made to each media outlet.

DeMartin said in an earlier interview with NewsChannel 5 that he is not looking forward to having to interview with Judge Colbath again.

You can read the complete document containing all of the proposed questions submitted by defense attorneys here: http://media.wptv.com/documents/Goodman%20defense%20questions%20for%20DeMartin%205-10-12.PDF

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