Port of Palm Beach captains react to Italian coast cruise ship disaster

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The scene unfolding along the Italian coast is having an impact across the world and locally in South Florida.

Pilot ship captains, who navigate the larger vessels coming in and out of the Port of Palm Beach, said traveling by cruise is safe.

Those who are experienced with the coast near West Palm Beach said accidents are rare, but there are safety measures in place just in case.

Pilot captains said the biggest concern they have is hitting one of South Florida's sharp reefs.

"The reef system is basically the biggest hazard. And of course the proximity to other vessels. Over time, there's more and more ships," said Captain Reid Hansen of the Palm Beach Harbor Pilots.

Hansen said captains are always looking ahead to approve safety.

One of those measures they're hoping for is the widening of channels to accommodate the larger ships.

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