Kimberly Kiernan: Mother was arrested after dozens of teens found at house party with alcohol

PALM BEACH SHORES, Fla. - Palm Beach Shores Police arrested Kimberly Kiernan after they say she was intoxicated in her home with dozens of teenagers and alcohol.

According to police reports, twenty six teenagers were in the Palm Beach Shores condo when authorities arrived Monday night.

Investigators say there was alcohol in the condo, beer, and marijuana residue.

"It's surprising. The young individuals and children…you hate to see that," one neighbor said.

Police say when they got into the apartment, a sixteen year old was passed out and choking.

They say Kiernan was unable to stand and was urinating on herself.

"We had to force entry into the apartment and we found the child locked in a separate room," Palm Beach Shores Police Chief Steven Kniffin said.

Police say they found Kiernan's seven year old son in a locked bathroom. According to police reports, he told officers, "Mommy locked me in the bathroom."

"When the officers discovered there was underage drinking involved with all the kids, it just got weird," Chief Kniffin said.

Neighbors say there have been noise issues in the condo before.

According to police reports, Kiernan's ex husband told officers she, "likes to party with young teenage boys."

As of Thursday night, Kiernan remained at the Palm Beach County Jail.

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