Police investigate bank robbery attempt

 A man is in custody after being accused of walking into a West Palm Beach bank and demanding all of the bank's money.

West Palm Beach police say the  man walked inside  the Sabadell United Bank on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard with a brown paper bag filled with beer and demanded cash.

He reportedly told a teller he had a gun. Investigators say the teller refused the request and told the man to sit down. The bank then called police.

The teller did eventually give the man money who then walked outside into the arms of waiting police officers.

Police say no shots were fired and no hostages were taken and no one was hurt.

Investigators have not yet found the gun the suspect claimed he had.

West Palm Beach Police later identified the suspect as 59-year-ole Robert Henderson. He has been charged with one count of bank robbery and will be booked into the Palm Beach County jail.

Update reflects the bank robbed was the Sabadell United Bank.

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