Police have identified the children found in a Delray Beach Canal

They say mother was found in a landfill in August

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. Police say they have identified the boy and girl found in a canal Wednesday. The girl was inside a duffel bag and the boy found in a suitcase. They say the boy was 10-year-old Jermaine McNeil.  The girl has been identified as his sister JuTyra Allen, 6.

Dental records were used to confirm the identity of the children

"This is our belief, however the medical examiner was not able to confirm with scientific proof. The female child who was found on Wednesday has the same physical characteristics as Jytra. This along with the circumstances surrounding how the children were found led us to believe the female child was in fact JuTyra," said Sgt. Nicole Guerriero, a spokesperson for Delray Beach Police. "We also believe that the children's mother, Felicia Brown, was found deceased in August in a landfill in West Palm Beach."

Police say several identifying marks on the body in the landfill, specifically tattoos, led them to conclude that the female was Felecia Brown. However, police say the medical examiner was unable to confirm this with scientific evidence. West Palm Beach police also were unable to confirm Brown's identity Sgt. Guerriero said.

Police say they checked their records and no one ever reported Ms. Brown missing.

The children were not in school on Tuesday, and were found Wednesday. They attended Pine Grove Elementary, according to police. Police say they were never reported missing.

37-year-old Clem Beauchamp is being questioned in the deaths of the children, but has not been charged.

He is in custody on unrelated federal charges.

3 children lived with Beauchamp and another woman and are currently in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families. That woman is not a suspect according to police.

"The Department of Children and Families is working with law enforcement officials, our foster care providers and the courts to help provide safe shelter for the children of Clem Beauchamp, whom police have questioned as part of their investigation. A court hearing was held this morning, and the children have been placed in licensed care," said Elisa Cramer DCF Director of Communications in a written release.

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