Pine Jog Elementary classroom converted into the inside of a human body

Mrs Buchebner's 5th grade classroom  at Pine Jog Elementary was converted into the inside of a human body Thursday. "... and what they do is after they have researched about the human body, they actually build the model so they can experience it hands on," Buchebner said.

The kids explained what they built, and did not leave out many details. One said, "Yarn for the nose hairs coming out of the clay nostrils, and the green balloons are for the boogers."

From a big, snotty nose to a beating heart with blood cells, Mrs Buchebner's students served as tour guides for the rest of the student body.

All of them had fun while learning!

The idea behind the project is to have each kid crawl through each part of the body and learn about it as they are crawling through it.

Camila Goizueta is a 5th grader and enjoyed her field trip to the class. "My favorite part is going through the esophagus, it was like army crawling. ( giggles)"

She addded, "It was really cool 'cause it was fun learning it visually and it's better than looking at a book."

Mrs. Buchebner said, "For the children I hope what they get out of this is a love for learning that they can apply to other areas in their life and see that they can make a difference and be successful in things when they put the effort into it."

It''s not the first year the science classroom has been converted to the inside of a human body...and based on its popularity, it won't be the last.