Pilot who crashed helicopter in West Palm Beach visits homeowner at the site of the wreck

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The pilot who crashed the helicopter into a yard in Northwood this weekend has recovered enough to visit the homeowner at the site of the wreck, and the operators of the aircraft say this morning that his passenger is also "doing well."

Still the identities of both people remain anonymous for the time being.

Nedra Obradovich who owns the home at Floral Avenue and 33rd Street says the pilot stopped by Sunday evening, looking only slightly worse for wear with a swollen forehead and eye.

He told her he was aiming to land on the street intersection in front of her home, but changed his mind at the last minute when he saw the nearby power lines. Instead, he brought the helicopter up slightly, hit her porch roof and the capsized, Obradovich said Monday.

Obradovich, who was in her home when the crash happened, didn't wish to share the pilot's name without his permission. He told her his passenger was quite shaken by the event, Obradovich said.

"He was so nice," Obradovich said.

Officials at Ocean Helicopters, which operates the Robinson R-22 that crashed, said they also would not be sharing the pilot's or passenger's names.

"Unfortunately we are not at liberty to make any comment. The FAA and the NTSB and insurance companies will be making their investigations into the incident to determine possible cause. The pilot and his passenger are both doing well," Gillian Harmon, operations director at Ocean Helicopters Inc., wrote in an email response to questions from The Palm Beach Post this morning.

Ocean's has offices near the Palm Beach International Airport, though Saturday's ill-fated flight took off from the North Palm Beach County Airport.

West Palm Beach police officials at the scene of the crash said they believed the pilot lost control of the helicopter at about 700 feet above ground and attempted to make a controlled landing.

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