Christopher R. Bonin hit by truck in Palm Springs last week dies from injuries

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - The 32-year-old Boynton Beach man who was hit by a car when he tripped over a median on Congress Avenue last week has succumbed to his injuries, authorities confirmed.

Christopher R. Bonin was crossing Congress Avenue near Second Avenue North from west to east around 9 a.m. last Friday, according to a statement released by Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Tim Frith last week.

As Bonin was crossing, 67-year-old Steve Johnson was driving a white 2003 GMC Sierra pick-up truck in the northbound lanes of Congress Avenue.

Bonin tripped and fell when he stepped on the raised center median between the northbound and southbound lanes, and landed on the left side of Johnson's truck in the left lane, according to the statement.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews took him to Delray Medical Center under a trauma alert.

Bonin was pronounced deceased Saturday evening while at the hospital, Frith said.

Troopers are investigating whether Bonin was under the influence of alcohol when he was crossing the road, according to the statement.