PBSO investigate overnight food pantry break-in

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Shelves and racks are stacked and stocked with kind donations of clothing, canned goods and frozen foods in the Haverhill Baptist Food Pantry.

"We hand out to the elderly who are very hard to get out of their homes and also the homeless," explained Lisa Murray, the director of the pantry.

She has gotten to know the faces and the needs of the more than 500 people each week she helps to feed.

Thanksgiving morning, Murray discovered a gated window broken into, donations in disarray and several items missing, including forty pounds of frozen chicken.

"Some coolers, the canned goods that have been donated from the church people," she listed.

Murray says, the times taken may have fed another 100 people in the week ahead.  This morning, as the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office continued their investigation, groceries were handed out.  Some of those who came to get food did not receive canned goods, according to Murray. 

"To feed them when somebody's taking from them is very hard," she said.

This is the second break-in the pantry has had in the last month.  Murray is baffled.  She says, if somebody needed food, they just had to ask.

"If they came knocking on the door, and I was here, I would try to help them as best as I could. If I had it, they would be more than welcome to have it right along with me."

To contact the pantry and offer donations, call 561-683-2327 and ask for Lisa Murray. 

If you have information about the break-in, contact Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

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