PBSO deputies chase, shoot wanted carjacker

A pursuit between Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies and a wanted carjacker ended in gunfire on Saturday night.

The suspect, Michael James Wallach remains in Delray Medical Center after PBSO deputies shot him twice.

Investigators said on Friday, Wallach allegedly stole a car in Lake Clark Shores and pointed a gun at police while running from them. Wallach then allegedly then stole another car, a Cadillac CTS. PBSO then spotted Wallach and the stolen vehicle and attempted to stop him.

"You never know who you're pulling over. That's why stolen cars are just not stolen car sometimes and that's why we try and pursue them a little bit farther then we do other types of crimes," said Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said Wallach bailed out of the stolen car, eventually running and shooting at deputies.

Wallach allegedly then ran through a neighborhood, backing himself against a wall and shooting at deputies again. Deputies then returned fire hitting Wallach once in the shoulder and once in the hip.

"You're just trying to shoot to incapacitate the individual and knock them down and when you're running and moving, you're hitting the are that you can hit at your best shot," said Bradshaw.

Sheriff Bradshaw said it was miraculous that no bystanders were hurt given how the scene played out through multiple blocks, near a busy intersection and in a neighborhood full of residents.

Wallach was airlifted to Delray Medical Center with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The four deputies involved in the shooting were put on paid, administrative leave which is standard protocol.

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