Patricia Lauren Ward: 48-yr-old woman attempts to rob bank with paper cutter

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - 48-year-old Miami-Dade resident Patricia Lauren Ward was arrested for attempting to rob the Wells Fargo Bank on 1615 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard armed with a large paper cutter.

According to the West Palm Beach Police Department, Ward was taken in to custody at the scene after she passed a note to a teller demanding $5000.00 and then barricaded herself in a safe room.

Before police arrived at the scene at approximately 3:15 pm, witnesses called 911 after witnessing a disturbance inside the bank between Ward, who was armed with the paper cutter and a bank employee.

When detectives interviewed Ward she said she committed the robbery because she needed money for a new car.

Ward has an extensive criminal history which includes 15-felony charges and eight convictions.

Ward was transported to Palm Beach County Jail and will appear in court in the morning.

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