Pastor Steve Simon: Parishioners gather to pray for spiritual leader shot in road rage incident

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Packing into a small church that is tucked away in Suburban West Palm Beach just off of Okeechobee Road, parishioners prayed for their pastor Steven Simon.

Simon, 22, was shot after investigators with the Martin County Sheriff's Office said he got involved in an extreme case of road rage.

"Very much in shock because (it's) Pastor Steven. Why him?" questioned Juan Pino, a friend of the victim.

Pino has known Simon for years and said Simon was there for him when he battled depression years ago. Pino showed up at Straight Way to Heaven Church on Friday to pray for his friend.
"Pastor Steven is not the kind of guy to get crazy. He's a very calm guy. He's a very nice person. Always has a smile on his face," said Simon.

Ricardo Simon, the victim's brother, echoed the sentiment so many parishioners expressed on Friday evening.

"He is a very loving person. He's great and good. I'm sorry but it's hard to describe it. You will have to see it for yourself," said Ricardo Simon.

Parishioners said all they can do is pray for their spiritual leader.

"We believe that out of this, something better is going to help the community," said Pino.