Parents of South Olive Elementary students show their support for Principal Hank Smith

Rally held behind school, banner flew overhead

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - He's the man they all wanted to see, but Principal Hank Smith was no where to be found at South Olive Elementary Wednesday.

"Today was a sad day because we had our honor roll breakfast and I understand he was asked by the school district not to come to school," says Jamie Porter, a parent.

A few dozen parents held signs and chanted in support of the school leader, saying South Olive wouldn't be so successful without Smith.

Third grade student Tysen Humble says he misses Smith.

"I was wondering where he was today, it's always Mr. Smith that's telling me 'good job' for doing well on the honor roll," says Humble.

Principal Smith told NewsChannel 5 he's being bullied by a school board member. Parents say Jennifer Brown has been overstepping her boundaries at South Olive for the last 18 months, even going so far as to threaten teachers.

"I heard he was asked not to attend today. Before it may have been a personal issue between two people, but now it's affecting my kids and I need to get involved," says Shane Humble, a parent.

Parents say they approached the school board about the problems Smith says he faced last February, and all this should've been avoided.

"The Superintendent has been aware of this situation for over a year. It was allowed to continue uncheck and has culminated into what we're all dealing with today," says April Milner, a parent.

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