Pamela Brooks death investigation: Judge put additional restrictions on mother before her death

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Contact 5 Investigators discovered new details regarding the deaths of Pamela Brooks and her 10-year-old daughter Alex.

A regional director with the Florida Department of Children and Families confirmed it had investigated the family in the past and it's now doing a full review of the case.

Court records show trouble escalated for the family in May of this year. 

On May 1st the divorce between Pamela and Bradley Brooks was finalized.  Just four days later, Pamela was arrested for DUI.  Two days after that, on May 7th, Bradley filed an emergency motion to change the custody agreement.

A judge signed a new order on May 21st.  The new agreement required Pamela not to drink alcohol, have a breathalyzer device installed in her vehicle, and it allowed Bradley to check in on the home once a week to make sure it was clean and there was food available.

The custody agreement also allowed Bradley to pick up his daughter every Thursday night for an overnight stay. Thursday was the night police said he discovered the bodies.


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