Palm Tran contractor complaints: Metro Mobility Management Group given one week to improve

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- After thousands of complaints, a state representative is calling for an investigation into a local transit company.

The Metro Mobility Management Group took over driving the elderly and disabled from Palm Tran Connection in August.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Palm Tran officials said the para transit company received more than 2100 complaints during their first two months of service, four times the usual number of complaints.

The complaints include being late, no shows, and long van rides. Many of the people complaining had serious medical conditions, including diabetes and kidney disease.

Some riders said those conditions were aggravated after spent up to three hours on the para transit vans.

Rep. Slosberg sent a list of issues about Metro Mobility Management to the state attorneys office, county commissioners and the sheriff's office.

Last Friday, county leaders gave the company a week to improve their service. They could decide to revoke the company's five year, 90 million dollar contract, if staff recommends it.

Reps with Metro Mobility Management told county leaders they plan to add more vehicles for service, while Palm Tran will take over the scheduling of the vans during the one week trial period.

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