Palm Beach Mall shows 'goodwill' by donating to Goodwill

Goodwill stores throughout South Florida received a major donation this week from the Palm Beach Mall.

The mall is set for demolition in two months, making way for a new outlet center.
And all of the leftover items inside have now been donated to Gulfstream Goodwill.

That includes everything from the food court tables and chairs, to light fixtures and brand new clothing left behind by vacated stores.

Fifteen to 20 truckloads of items made their way to the Gulfstream Goodwill distribution centers.  And within the next week or so, those items will be in the stores.

"It's going to help immensely because it's going to reduce costs for us buying fixtures, and more things to sell in the stores to support our program, it's going to help a lot," said John Colombo, Gulfstream Goodwill.

Proceeds from the Goodwill stores help a number of people in the community, including people with disabilities and those who face other employment barriers.

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