Palm Beach Lakes High substitute teacher, student fight captured on cell phone camera

District police investigate classroom brawl

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - An alleged fight between a student and a substitute teacher at Palm Beach Lakes High School is under investigation after a student captured 17 seconds of the scuffle on a cell phone.

The video of the alleged brawl was posted on Facebook where many students shared and commented on the clip titled, "Bol only at Palm Beach Lakes smh…"

The clip begins with what appears as a teacher and student standing nose-to-nose in the middle of a classroom. The student is seen shoving the teacher and then the instructor and teen are seen throwing punches. The video ends as the student runs out of the classroom.

"A teacher should,  you know,  stand up for himself, but not to go on ahead and you know. I'm speechless right now," said Darrel Phillips, a Palm Beach Lakes High senior.

The name of the substitute teacher is unknown, but many students like Phillips identified him as "Mr. Smith" or "Smitty."

Phillips and his friend Brandon Rucker have mixed feeling about the video. They do not know what lead up to the violence and feel both parties are to blame.

"It's just like, to see a kid, someone like that step up to someone. First of all you should have respect for that man. I know I would have," said Rucker.

When asked about what allegedly took place inside the grounds at Palm Beach Lakes High, the Palm Beach County School District offered no information about what was captured on the cell phone video.  Spokesperson, Nat Harrington, emailed a statement:

"The incident is being investigated, and no report or further comment is available since the investigation remains open."

Reportedly the substitute teacher was terminated and the student was expelled. Harrington would not confirm the name of the substitute teacher.

An email also confirmed the incident happened on November 8, 2012 at around 2:00 p.m.

A district spokesperson said staff members at Palm Beach Lakes High were alerted to the situation after an emergency call button was pressed.

Many students outside of Palm Beach Lakes High remember a substitute teacher who helped them, who they described as "nice."
"He was the type, you got along with him. I mean, I don't understand why somebody wouldn't get along with him," said Phillips.

Many parents who were picking up their students on Monday had no clue about the fight and were frustrated the school did not notify them.

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