Palm Beach International Airport passengers delayed, stranded by Texas tornadoes

Many supposed to fly to - or through - the Dallas

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - UPDATE: Wednesday morning's flight departing from Palm Beach International Airport to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has been canceled, according to passengers of the flight now rescheduling their transportation at PBIA.


Strong tornadoes that ravaged homes and businesses near Dallas, Texas are impacting thousands of airline passengers there and nationwide. Even many passengers at Palm Beach International Airport have found themselves stranded for at least 24 hours.

Airline travel was stalled across much of the country Tuesday afternoon and evening as the line of tornadoes barreled through heavily-traveled Texas.

"If the weather is that violent, sure, I don't want to fly there," said Ralph Odum, who was among the dozens of airline passengers turned away from PBIA in West Palm Beach.

Odum, of Longview, Texas, was told no one would be flying to - or through - DFW on Tuesday night as more than 100 aircrafts on the ground at the Texas airport were pelted with hail.

"You can't get there, you can't get anywhere," said Odum, who lives about 125 miles from the airport.

"We're relieved that we are not going to be a part of that tonight," said Jerry Jensen who was attempting to fly out of PBIA after a visit with his son who lives in Florida. Flights in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach were delayed or canceled altogether.

"It just makes everything inconvenient," said delayed passenger Nancy Steffy. "Having to leave our car another day and having the people we stayed with to come back to the airport to pick us up."

These travelers will make it to their destination, but likely not for another day.

"I would really like to be on that flight but, of course, I'm happy I'm safe so, I guess that's the end result," said Tara Jakra, who had a layover in Dallas before heading home to Colorado.

Because Tuesday's delays and cancelations are weather-related, most passengers are not getting refunds. They are, however, being re-booked and most, if not all of them, should on their way by Wednesday.

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