Palm Beach County volunteers shine in efforts to fight cancer, autism and help special needs people

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - I have many of you tell me all the time that you want to hear more about the positive stories in our community. You are right and I'm lucky to have been in the middle of many of those stories since the start of the year.

On any given weekend I was honored to be with people fighting to push back the frontiers of neurological science, working to fund the fight against cancer, helping to pave the way for treatment of autism, and providing residential care for adults with special needs.

They have names like the Pap Corps (cancer research funding), JARC (Jewish Association for Residential Care), and Autism Speaks.

It is inspiring to see the volunteer spirit that is alive and well--very well--all around us.  Money is being raised, lives are being touched, and it all happens because thousands of people are determined to make a difference. They are your neighbors, friends and co-workers.

I look forward to profiling more of their work in the months ahead. For now, you and I owe them our heartfelt thanks.


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