Trayvon Martin supporters in Palm Beach County headed to Sanford after marching in West Palm Sunday

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- Dozens of Trayvon Martin supporters met at the Urban League of Palm Beach County Monday morning then boarded a bus to Sanford for a rally calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman, the man who claims he shot the 17-year-old in self defense.

Before they left, the group held a prayer.

They say they're going to support Trayvon Martin's family -- and to call for justice.

"I've seen a lot of blogs on TV stating that 'why aren't African American talking about black on black crime, blacks killing blacks, blacks killing whites,' the difference is when that happens, and they're caught, they're arrested on the spot, and we want to make sure if it happens to us, whoever does it is arrested as well," said William McCray a Martin supporter.

Trayvon Martin's parents are expected to speak at the rally in Sanford.

Shocked and outraged about the shooting death of Martin, dozens from all over Palm Beach County also marched Sunday in support of the boy's family.

The group gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, carried signs and chanted "Justice for Trayvon" as they marched all the way to the county courthouse.

Some marchers carried cans of iced tea and bags of Skittles, the items Martin was carrying the night he was shot.

Others put on hooded sweatshirts similar to what Martin was wearing and chanted, "Justice for Trayvon."

The march started with one mother's concern for her two young sons after hearing about what happened to Martin. Onekia Spence started a Facebook group, organized the march and days later, more than one-hundred showed up to walk with her.

"It's not just to Trayvon's family, or not just to African-American families. But to every race, every creed, it doesn't matter," said Spence.

Others who attended said watching what happened to Martin made them emotional because they thought of their own family.

"Trayvon Martin could be their child, son or daughter. Could be there niece of nephew. It could be anyone," said Daniel McNeal, a Trayvon Martin supporter.

The mayor of Riviera Beach was also marched and said he wants to see the "protect your ground" law repealed.

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