Palm Beach County to decide on registry for water taxis

WEST PALM BEACH, Fl. -- Palm Beach County commissioners will decide Tuesday whether to ask county attorneys to "draft language" that would create a registry for water taxis and tour boats.

There are several water taxi companies throughout Palm Beach County. Many of them just make specific stops, like taxis that run from the Riviera Beach Marina and drop passengers off at Peanut Island.

"Water Taxi of the Palm Beaches," travels from North Palm Beach on a guided tour to Palm Beach, then travels back to North Palm within about two hours.

Meanwhile, the county's Metropolitan Planning Organization spent nearly a million dollars on handicap accessible water taxi docks that aren't getting much use, according to county officials.

County officials hope by creating a registry for water taxis, that the businesses will get more use out of the docks and be used as an alternative method of transportation between Boca Raton and Jupiter.

Water taxi owners say it's too risky to travel farther away from their scheduled trips because there's no guarantees there will be more passengers to pick up.

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