Palm Beach County School District says the state didn't give much flexibility with FCAT schedule

Students can take FCAT test on makeup days

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Jennifer Bebergal is cooking the traditional Passover dinner for 16 people Monday night. All while her two daughters are stressing out about FCAT exams.

"I think it puts our children at a disadvantage when they have to choose between celebrating and getting a good night sleep before the test," said Bebergal.

No one takes the test Tuesday in observance of the holiday. But Jennifer says her Tuesday night Passover dinner will be cut short because her seventh grade daughter takes the test Wednesday.

"A traditional seder lasts five or six hours, we're doing an abbreviated seder so we can get the kids completed and ready for bed," said Bebergal.

Assistant Superintendent Frank Rodriguez says the school district had few options. The state mandated testing could start as early as Monday, but needed to be completed by the end of April. 

"Starting next Monday would eliminate the opportunity to makeup days in certain grade levels and subjects," said Rodriguez.

Still families who have been preparing for the holiday say that wasn't enough.

"Palm Beach County being a heavily Jewish populated county I'm shocked someone didn't take this into consideration," said Laurie Burke.

Students who observe the holiday will receive an excused absence and can retake the exam on a make-up day.