Palm Beach County School District focuses on safety as new school year begins

Officers at every school in the county

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Local children are getting ready to head back to school in less than a week in Palm Beach County.

The Palm Beach County School District's police chief says his department is ready.

"Our staff and administrators are trained in handling situations.  We're there to be assistance to them," Chief Lawrence Leon says. "Parents need to know that they can come to us with any situation and they can call us."

Leon says the summer is a busy time of year for his officers as they train for any situation that could come their way.

He says the officers are trained to respond to active-threat situations. They work with school staff to make sure they understand how to respond as well.

"We have met with principals with our crisis plans to make sure they understand the procedures in place and what they need to do in case of a situation," Leon says.

The chief says an officer will be at every school in the county. He says there is also a group of officers who work to stop students from joining gangs.

"We're ready to get going," the chief says. "We believe in building relationships and working with the kids to help them make the proper choices so they don't have consequences later in life that affect them."

People who are visiting schools always need to sign in before getting access.

The Palm Beach County School district also says if a student is going to be picked up from school early, parents need to make sure they communicate with administrators.

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