Palm Beach County investing thousands into Peanut Island, Phil Foster Park

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - After a recent crackdown on alcohol consumption at Peanut Island Park, Palm Beach County will invest tens of thousands of dollars into the island and the nearby Phil Foster Park to make them even more of a haven for snorklers.

.Later this month, work will begin on an underwater snorkel trail at the edge of Phil Foster Park.

"Little fish get in there and that attracts the big fish," said Harvey Rudolph, a project manager. "You'll see all kinds of predators hanging around such as the groupers and snappers [and] barracudas and lots of little bait fish will be hiding from the predators."

At Peanut Island, the County will add breakwaters near the inlet and move rocks away from the shoreline to change the direction of the tide and bring clearer, Gulfstream waters into an island lagoon.

"It benefits recreation and it also benefits the environment," said Eric Anderson, a project manager."You're going to see more stuff. See more fish [and] more corals throughout the area."

The projects come as the County positions the two parks into more family-friendly destinations.

"It's a better environment for families [and] for children [and] probably safer all around, too," said Dave Lill, a director at the Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Department. "It does modify the behavior of some of the visitors."

Lill said the work was expected to be completed in late August.

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