Palm Beach Atlantic students help Jack the Bike Man

Today was the first time Jack Spearman put together a bike.
"A lot of hard work, but keeping it positive, attitudes are great, moral is good," said Spearman.
He and 20 other summer campers with the M-fuge camp at Palm Beach Atlantic University spent the day fixing up bicycles at Jack The Bike man's Bike Shop.
"We're having fun, growing as a team, and getting it done," said Spearman.
This is the first week for the campers volunteering  at local community organizations. They plan to do it throughout the summer.
"All the students that are here are paying to be here serving in the community, spending time and money to give back to the community," said Cathy New.
Pumping, wiping, and organizing. Much needed work that would take Jack the Bike Man months to complete.
"Its a tremendous help, probably what they accomplished is like having two full time people work 2 months," Jack Hairston.
Jack Hairston recently moved his shop a couple blocks down from where he used to be. It's bigger, busier, and he needs all the help he can get.
"I think at the end of the day, I'm just filed with gratitude, just to see these kids doing something good and healthy instead of being out getting in trouble," said Hairston.
After repairing and restoring the bikes, the campers had one last job---test drive all the bikes they worked on.
"The best way to put what were learning is to go out and do it and be servants in the community so God has called us to do this place and were going to be servants and give back to the community," said Spearman.