Operation Hard Knocks, sweeping drug bust in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-- West Palm Beach Police will continue their search this week for dozens of suspects accused of selling drugs to undercover officers.

It's part of the department's sting called "Operation Hard Knocks."

On Wednesday, police arrested fifteen people they say sold drugs to undercover cops. The investigation started in May, following complaints from local businesses, schools and places of worship. The complaints which were filed claimed that there was a lot of illegal drug activity going on near locations in the north end of West Palm Beach.

According to our news partners at The Palm Beach Post, police have identified at least 52 suspects. Officers say they hope to arrest the remaining suspects later this week.

Some of those arrested during "Operation Hard Knocks" include Jamie Brown, 27; Eric Davis, 42; Ronda Ferguson, 44; Kevin Gibson, 18; Timothy Hall, 46; Tyrone Johnson, 29; Julius Martin, 34; Claudert Pierre Jr., 19; Anton Ruffin, 24; Dontrell Stephens, 19; Andrew Stroman, 29, and Joshua Tolbert, 20.

All of these suspects are from West Palm Beach, except Ruffin who is a Lake Park resident.

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