Non-stop political robocalls frustrating Palm Beach County voters

Some residents getting dozens of calls per day

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Every time she picks up her phone, Janna Morris of Palm Beach Gardens usually hears a political advertisement on the end of the line. 

"They are constant, constant, constant. It's crazy," she said.  These non-stop political robocalls have been coming all day, every day for the last few weeks. 

Morris says it is ramping up even more now as the high-stakes election draws closer.  "I was out of my mind," she said.  "It was every seven to ten minutes I was getting a phone call. Every seven to ten minutes. I would hang up and 'boom', it would ring again."

Morris is not alone.  A posting about robocalls on the WPTV Facebook page received dozens of comments in minutes.  Frustrated voters said they were getting five calls per hour and more than twenty calls per day.  Those posting say the level of calls is 'annoying' and 'unreal'.

Many of the calls are from numbers that are blocked, anonymous, or even from out of state - showing how important every Florida vote is. 

Morris, like many people, tried to find relief by signing up on the Do Not Call Registry but later found that out political robocalls are exempt from federal action.

"It's nuts. It's nonstop," said Morris.  For now, Morris is doing the only thing she can to avoid these calls.  "Just took the phone off the hook and it's going to be off the hook until the seventh of November," she said.  "I just can't stand it anymore."

Frustrated residents have a couple of options beside turning their telephones off like Morris did. 

When a robocall is received - and a 'real' person is on the line - you can tell that person to put your telephone number on that group's specific Do Not Call list, though it will only apply to that specific group. 

The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections also says that campaigns often check to see who has voted early and sometimes they will not want to waste their time or money calling people who have already cast their ballot.

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