Nick Cannon to be principal for day at Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Dreyfoos  will be getting a new principal for a day next month!
Radio station Power 96 in Miami announced Monday Dreyfoos School of the Arts beat out 61 South Florida high schools to have America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon to serve as principal.
Students and parents voted for two weeks beating out a Miami-Dade high school by less than 200 votes.
"I mean you have people in the hallways, who are like what we did it, everyone is astounded by this and so were excited to see how this will turn out, and we're excited about what he's going to do," said students from Dreyfoos.
"I hope its a casual Friday when he's my boss, I don't know if I need to dress up or not, but whatever the principal need, we'll make sure he gets," said Leo Barrett.
School officials are still trying to determine the exact date of the event.