'Next Step Walk', anti-violence walk in West Palm Beach today

A group of Northend neighborhood residents plan to rally and walk the streets Sunday afternoon, hoping to bring awareness to the crime they said plagues their area.

Residents are calling the walk the "Next Step Walk".

It will happen along Broadway Ave. where neighbors said a lot of crime happens.

It was a month ago at the 3400 block of Broadway Ave. where Tyler Caldwell was shot and killed.

Police said Caldwell was shot multiple times after getting off a Palm Tran Bus on a Monday night.

Police said Carvel Beadle was arrested the next day and charged with murder.

There were several deadly shootings that followed afterwards.

The Mayor, West Palm Beach police and city commissioners are expected to join residents on the walk.

Those who want to participate in the walk are asked to meet at 40th street where the walk will begin at 4pm.