Newtown shooting motivates businesses to update policy on how to respond to an office shooting

Businesses push for crisis management training

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Make-up, hair and nails are the main focus at the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers in West Palm Beach.

But CEO Neal Heller, has a much more serious issue in mind: how to keep students and staff safe if a gunman targets his school.

"On the heels of all the other incidents over the last few years I said I can't sit here and say it'll never happen to us. It probably never will, but that's not good enough," says Heller.

Those concerns have security consultants like John Sabourin working hard. Right now Sabourin is training three local businesses how to react  to a gunman in the building. He showed us how to navigate a scenario if you hear gunshots on a floor below.

"I would evaluate first if I can escape the area safely. If not, shut the door and secure it. Once I lock it since we have this window in the door, hide under the desk, that is an area of safe refuge," says Sabourin.

Be familiar with where the exits are in your building - that will help you decide if you can escape. Keep in mind where the fire alarm is and pull it if you pass by one -  immediately help is on the way.

If you're in the same area of the shooter Sabourin says think of what you can use to startle the shooter when they pause to reload.

"A chair or any object that you can throw or use as a weapon to defend or startle, get this person off his or her mind what they're going to do," says Sabourin.

The training is intense and forces people to think about the worst case scenario. Heller knows it's a reality he must consider.

"You can't avoid it. If you ignore it and something happens you didn't pay attention and could be culpable," says Heller.

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