New figures show that new foreclosures are down nearly 14% from March

962 cases were filed in April

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The Palm Beach County Clerk's office released new numbers that show fewer foreclosures cases in April than in March. 

There were 962 new foreclosures cases filed in April. 156 fewer than the month before. 
Compared to last year's figures around this time new foreclosure cases have decreased by nearly 27%.
The figures show there was a spike in the number of mortgages and deeds recorded in April. 
There were 6985 deeds recorded in April and 6684 deeds recorded in March, a 5% increase. 
4548 mortgages were recorded in April and 4513 were recorded in March. A 0.8% increase. 
The clerk's office has seen foreclosure numbers drop over the last 5 years. 
Not only are foreclosure numbers going down locally, but they've also decreased nationally. 
New data from RealtyTrac show that fewer homes were repossessed by lenders in April. 
Repossessions fell by 20% from the previous month. 
Repossessions are also down 32% compared to April last year. 
Figures show that the number of homes that actually entered the foreclosure process dropped 4% in April from March. 
They also show the number of homes scheduled to be auctioned hit the highest level in two years. 
In Palm Beach County, 810 properties were sold last month through an online auction.  553 of those properties were bought back by the bank or mortgage company.