New details released in Barahona case

Sex toys found inside home

Investigators have released more details about the lives of the Barahona family.

Jorge and Carmen Barahona are facing first degree murder and child abuse charges after their adoptive daughter, Nubia Barahona, was found dead in the back of a pickup truck in West Palm Beach in February.

A search warrant released Thursday shows disturbing evidence of abuse in the home, including photos taken after the children were found.

Some of the pictures show an adult size bloody t-shirt, as well as hazardous chemicals and prescription medicines. Experts say these pictures may be the first sign of what it was like to live in the Barahona home.

"This is a very challenging case, the facts, they're awful," said legal analyst Michelle Suskauer.

Suskauer poured over the pictures.

"I think that these pictures are very powerful when you present them in a trial to a jury," she said.

Armed with a search warrant for the Barahona residence, investigators say they found blood and bodily fluids on several walls.

Police think Jorge and Carmen Barahona used rolls of clear tape to tie up their adoptive 10-year-old daughter, Nubia, and her twin brother, Victor, then they allegedly left the children in a bathtub for days behind a locked bathroom door.

Investigators combed through the home and say they also found sex toys and a business card from a detective with the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Unit. It was dated 2005, and Jorge Barahona's name was on it.

"This is not something that was just going on in February," said Suskauer. "This is something going on for years."

Documents alleged that between January 1, 2010, and February 14, 2011, the children were intentionally beaten, willfully tortured, and maliciously punished and caged.

The state wants the death penalty for the Barahonas. Suskauer says the defense faces a monumental challenge if the case goes before a jury.

"It's very hard to present a case like that to a jury and defend it," she said.

Jorge and Carmen Barahona have plead not guilty to first degree murder charges.

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